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    Boosting Your Immune System 231 Views 06 Jun 2020
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      Boosting Your Immune System
      231 Views . 06 Jun 2020

      Key Points to Cover

      •Immunity is the ability to defend against infection and disease.

      •More specifically, it is the body’s ability to defend/protect itself.

      •Sometimes your body has built up its immunity to defend effectively to stay healthy.

      •Other times, it may not be able to effectively defend itself either because it did not prepare or because there is already an underlying compromising situation.

      •Let’s see how YOU can help YOUR body defend itself!

  • Functional nutrition incorporates aspects of biology and wellness into holistic healing. The many interrelationships existing between diet, lifestyle, environment, epigenetics, and biological systems are assessed to determine courses of action for healing.  One size does not fit all.  Functional nutrition is the "GAP" between traditional medicine and the patient.  There is a refining of diet and lifestyle seeking to promote and restore optimal health. 

    Functional nutrition is the Future of Healthcare/Selfcare because it meets the individual's needs.

    Functional foods are foods that offer additional health benefits beyond their nutritional. When these functional foods are combined synergistically outstanding recipes are created that promote the balances needed in your gut flora. Your gut flora can then signal the rest of your body to heal itself. 

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