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      #Mindset #DevannEdwards #ValueCreation HOW TO THINK IN THE MINDSET OF VALUE-CREATION In this Video , you will get a Brief insight into the Importance of Value-Creation. Creating Value is Key not only for our Personal Journey but for Raising the vibration in a world that needs a boost in enhancing our quality of life. 3 Main Ways we can create Value is through creating/sharing/providing: 1- Goods (i.e. A product that has changed your life/ could help others) 2- Services ( e.g. Software/ Technology that solves relatable problems 3- Experiences (e.g. Sharing stories, tips, Personal events in your life, How you overcame a particular emotion or external circumstance.) At the End of the Video I also Perform a spoken word piece titled 'WE ARE LEGACY'. A message of empowerment awareness of Power and Unity to be more Solution-Based in our thinking as Value-Creators. This Poem is from a Poetry book I was featured in titled 'Insight' with the amazing Lead Poet ; Nomusa Okorie. Also, check out the fellow poetess (Nomusa Christina Okorie) I mentioned. Just started here Youtube Channel also: We have a Poetry Book Collaboration: Support is welcomed if you seek value!. Click here to check out our Book called 'Insight' - LIKE , SHARE and COMMENT if this video was relatable to you , as well as the insight you may have gained. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE . AND Press that Notification Button (Only takes a few clicks!) Instagram: devanntheconnector11 #WholisticEmpowerment Tools : BECOME A LIFESTYLIST | Have TOTAL Freedom
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      #DevannEdwards #Poetry #Empowerment Video I recorded a few months back and hadn't uploaded yet . internally ingest what is being said , ask yourself, 'what does it mean for me to get to my senses?' Meditate on it , Elevate from it and Stay Empowered!
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      The Lifestylists (My Queen and I) discuss the factors involve in relationships that are ENERGY-BUILDING and ENERGY-DRAINING, as well as ways we can empower ourselves to bring more ENERGY-BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS INTO EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES. ENJOY. HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON . SHARE. AND STAY EMPOWERED
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      #DevannEdwards #Connection #Universe YOUR BODY'S CONNECTION TO THE UNIVERSE-COMMON ELEMENTS Inner stand that we as Intelligent beings share common and vital Elements in our body synonymous to the Universe itself. Hydrogen Oxygen Carbon Nitrogen When we increase the functionality of these elements in our body we then engage in a deeper connection with ourselves and our universe. Stay connected and stay Empowered!
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      #DevannEdwards #ReprogramYourMind #AbundanceMindset LET'S REPROGRAM OUR MINDS AND USE LIFE'S ABUNDANT RESOURCES
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      #DevannEdwards #PositiveAssociations #WholisticEmpowerment Tools : BECOME A LIFESTYLIST | Have TOTAL Freedom
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      The Universe is Conspiring for your Growth! Observe the Patterns in your everyday life and look for the opportunities where growth is needed and can take place right now! And as you do so , STAY EMPOWERED!
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      #DevannEdwards #Abundance #wealth #universallaw #connections #selfworth Abundance is our birthright; not all of us were birthed right...” ~ DevannTheConnector (extract from poem, ‘ We are Legacy’ ) Did you know that your natural default state is that of abundance? We were programmed from a Young age to subconsciously accept scarcity and struggle as normality. Many teachers and mentors discuss The Law Of abundance as a universal law that we are already connected to . Yet our experience of abundance must be attracted as it depends on our particular alignment with it. Many would agree that Abundance relates to the state of being consciously connected to our source energy . One of our jobs/missions to ourselves is to be in alignment with the TRUTH that the law of abundance brings in every aspect of our life. There is always enough . ALWAYS. You are always enough. ALWAYS. Our Heart & Mind was designed to be aligned with Abundance and prosperity! Here are a few affirmations I’ve recently started and going to start saying daily to myself as well as Walk it Like I Talk it otherwise it would be pointless . Feel free to incorporate it for your self also
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      #ChakraBalance Professional #SingingBowls 2019 35 Minute Sound Therapy Meditation Music. #Health Singing Bowls are a Great way to tune our Bodymind and bring about internal balance to the Multiple energy centers (Chakras) within the dimensions of our body.  From the ground to the crown meditating daily to these high-quality frequencies for just 35 minutes will place your body in tune with the Cosmos guaranteed. If you can't spend time with yourself then you shouldn't be around others.  Start planting in your inner garden today! LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ENJOY THIS VIDEO AND  COMMENT BELOW if you have listened and felt a difference This Singing Bowl was Provided by Secret Energy who seek to also create solutions on impring Health, Wealth and Connections to activate greater potentials of ourselves!  
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  • Wholeness and Greetings from Devann Edwards aka DevannTheConnector, connecting YOU to the knowledge that will EMPOWER ourselves!

    This Channel deals with: Wholistic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Spoken word Poetry in Motion, and Health & Wellness, all designed to help and guide us to become the Greatest Versions of ourselves and ultimately live a life of Sovereignty and TOTAL Freedom.



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