Raw Talk Sessions With Dollie IndigoStar - Tracy Ash At The Temple of Isis Egypt

482 Views - 09 Mar 2021

Raw Talk Session with Ascension Mentor Tracey Ash at the Temple of IsIs - Join me as I talk with Tracey who is located directly in Egypt at the Pyramids complex, where she lives and works alongside Archeologists, we talk about the return of the Goddess energy, Consciousness, Ascension, and self awareness that has now reawakened once more, join me as we unearth real historic temples, and newly discovered findings of such important messages contained within this newly uncovered, long kept hidden from public understandings of esoteric knowledge and wisdom. I look for the very best articles out there to be able to distribute information and Conscious content from a variety of sources, material and individuals of interest gathered from accross the Globe. All content provided is focused within the many alternative media communities of Public Interest. With the intent to deliver such information and knowledge collected from accross the Globe - If we find it we SHARE IT !!! Visit us at: www.SpaceLinklTv.com Dollie Indigostar on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leanne.jense...